About us


Ala’s SegmentI S.r.l. was established in the 1960s as a sole-proprietorship piston ring manufacturer, and then gradually changed into a corporate and management company, currently with a staff of highly skilled technicians and sales employees.
Ala’s covers a floor area of about 2600 square meters, implements machinery and equipment that is some of the most technologically advanced known, and boasts a highly skilled staff, capable of responding to the great challenges imposed by globalization. In fact, it pays particular attention to training its staff, with the belief that a company’s success is also achieved thanks to the commitment and dedication of the staff that comprises it.
Ala’s was established with the objective of satisfying, as best as possible, the demands of the market that covers piston rings and any other mechanical parts, and providing technologically advanced solutions for the sector operators.
Ala’s commitment is that of attempting to constantly improve its own performance, the level of quality and reliability of its products and, above all, the quality of the service its clients receive. With these key objectives, and thanks to the loyalty of the same clients, Ala’s has established itself as a leader in the worldwide panorama, making the vast range of its products, its continuous investment in new technology, and the excellent service it offers, its distinctive features.